Before we dive into the details of made2matter, I would like to share my story with you.

My Story

Growing up my grandmother lived with us until I was approx. 6 years old and she would take care of me while my parents were at work. She raised 10 children herself and therefore was experienced dealing with a small child of huge amount of curiosity, depth, energy and drive to explore all kinds of things. Boundaries of impossible were stretched, freedom was nurtured and at the same time I always felt very safe with her. I trusted her.

Reflecting on it, she clearly had a huge impact on how I approached my life including my professional career. I lived abroad in many different countries for almost 15 years expanding my cultural roots and leading teams in senior roles to challenge the status quo and exploring new paths towards success. Transformation is what I love and inspires me. And of course winning.



made2matter - your brand transformation companion

That is also why I founded made2matter – revolutionizing the way campaigning is approached and helping teams to join in on the journey “winning elections for trust.” We are no ordinary consultants. We stay and work closely with teams till success kicks in. Grace Pardy, founder made2matter

My professional background

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