Creative Concepts

Mobilizing people for action

The reality check: consumers are actively and passively absorbing 38.000 messages daily! Who remembers the latest headline? And acted upon? What has really created  impact and changed consumers behavior? How do we deliver a campaign that leads to action?

We all know it - the media environment is a frenzy jungle, meaningful content is the ticket for trust.

Trust and growth

And there are many more critical questions to dive into. Ultimately, trust = growth comes from relevance. A frenzy media environment and consumers that are in control challenges our creativity. We have reframed traditional into a winning bold creative campaign approach that actually transforms peoples behavior. We love that.

Creative Relevance

We are bold in focusing solely what drives behavior change for buying and voting.  EmoLogic™ supports in the decision making process to increase relevance and return on investment.

Approach and Principles

Bold REelevant Creative

We do messages, framing, touchpoint acceleration and stories that are driven towards action and trust. And turn above into a campaign experience internally and externally knowing how to use unpaid media, social media, events and paid media. We have reframed the role of channels. People need to remember and it needs to change their behavior instantly to act. That is our campaigning mantra.

We walk the talk – so far each assignment led to won elections for trust. We keep on going ... then campaigning for trust is a daily matter and never stops.


We are a society driven by emotions

Understand them, study them, use them to your advantage.


Know what your audience feels as well as thinks.

Do your research and really get to understand them. Build a picture. Talk to them, or at the very least talk about them.


Join up the dots. Create an emotional trigger.

What´s the link between your campaign and how the audience feels. Remember - we feel first, and think second.


Look for the long game. No more one night stands.

Create content that connects, inspires, excites, educates etc. content that engages on an emotional level. Start to change their behaviour.


Take a stand, have a point of view.

Stop sitting on the fence, be brave, find a interesting angle or a unique TOV. You need to be heard amongst all the noise.


The parties on, you just need an invite.

It is in our blood and how we expect to behave, discuss, share, explore and communicate. Your consumers are out there, waiting for you right now.


Break ups can be tricky.

Once you have started you need to keep the relationship alive.