Behavior Insights for Action

Teams that we have worked with reach out to us with example key questions: Why are our brands sinking in the sea of sameness? Who trusts us and why? And who does not and why not? Do they know why we are different? Why are people angry about us? Where in the consumer journey do we underdeliver? What kind of innovation is trusted? Do we deliver a consistent bold and relevant experience? Are we aware of the barriers people have?


Daniel Kahnemann has revolutionized with his research the world of economics resulting in winning the Nobel Prize. We are not making our decisions rationally, he concluded by discovered that we have two systems in our brain that influence our behavior and actions.

System1 (Emotions) lead our actions and System2 (Reason) leads to conclusion. EmoLogic™ is the robust rebel of the research industry and the only quantitative online research tool that captures feeling (System1) and thinking (System2).



We have created a proprietary scientifically robust online research tool that measures for the first time quantitatively how people feel and think. EmoLogic™ makes it possible to measure emotions that are mostly in the subconscious and therefore can not be verbalized. We put the cognitive answers in relation and can therefore identify roadblocks for trust. The benefit is that decisions are made that drive growth. Our exclusive global partner is Dynata in conducting the fieldwork.

Target groups, their motives, desires and barriers are unlocked.

This data is the foundation for identifying your trusted opportunity spaces – internally and externally. The outcome of this work is a strategy roadmap that steers and connects each team in your organization to one purpose. Is this your goal how you aim to make people feel about your brands? Request a presentation from us.